Grade 5 – My Raccoon Character

Due on Monday, October 7, 2013 Read the article “How A Kids’ Cartoon Created an Real-Life Invasive Army” (separate post below). Take another look at the following characteristics of a raccoon that you identified in class: enjoyable lovable funny smart … Continue reading

How a kids’ cartoon caused a real-life invasion

ales of monsters invading Japan are a longstanding tradition, usually involving menacing kaiju — literally “strange creatures”— rising from the sea to wreak havoc on a Japanese city. At this very moment, the country is engaged in just such a … Continue reading

Theras vs The Commander

My Hero’s name is Theras. He is second in command in the royal guard. One day he hears that the first in command is going to assassinate the emperor and take over the city. Theras warns the Emperor but he … Continue reading