A Celebrated Death

The date is February 23, the night of Julia Abbey’s birthday. Unfortunately for her the weather was miserable. Many people came to her country house for her extravagant birthday party. Ironically she was murdered this day. Julia’s body was found … Continue reading

The Science Behind Cooking

“Eating is a necessity, but cooking is an art”, said Miranda’s mom, Cathy. “I know, that’s the 12th time you’ve said that!” said Miranda. “If you want to learn how to cook, then you must have this saying ingrained into your … Continue reading


It was a typical Sunday for Oldmanwillikers, begging on the side of the street. Watching the tumbleweeds roll by when a wagon behind a big horse came speeding (as fast as speed was back then) down the road. Oldmanwillikers was … Continue reading

The Trip to Never Forget

            Two men looked over the horizon line in central Saskatchewan, the only thing in sight was a blackberry farm. On the blackberry farm was a mansion with architectural beauty. It had columns so fine … Continue reading