Tim O’Brien Chapter 6 Character Sketch

Chapter 6, “On The Rainy River” encapsulates the story of the character Tim O’Brien, in a way that is intriguing and immersive to the reader. Throughout the novel, Tim plays a crucial role of an honest man wanting to live … Continue reading


Nothing truly starts or ends spectacularly. No, things start small, irregularly growing larger and larger until it comes to its ultimate, the highest point in its metaphorical life. When something ‘ends well’, that isn’t it’s end. It isn’t quite something’s … Continue reading

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Your head spins slower on your neck, it knows the answers now Bugs grow thicker through clenched teeth Faint humming follows you everywhere you go, though you don’t go far Cold breezes eat away at thoughts You get up to … Continue reading

The Bean Thief

The Bean Thief   It was dawn and the wind was raging through the beanfield. Joe was in a deep sleep after 14 hours of constant working. A strong and fresh scent rose from the beans that Joe had planted … Continue reading

Twelfth Night Article: Malvolio’s Madness

News has come that Malvolio, Puritan steward to the Countess Olivia, bared himself to his mistress this morn in the most knavish manner, adorned in garish yellow stockings done in the cross-gartered style and with a devilish counterfeit of a … Continue reading

The Science Behind Cooking

“Eating is a necessity, but cooking is an art”, said Miranda’s mom, Cathy. “I know, that’s the 12th time you’ve said that!” said Miranda. “If you want to learn how to cook, then you must have this saying ingrained into your … Continue reading