Conflict Free Write

I ran through the woods, dodging every branch, tree and log that rose up out of the fog ahead of me. I knew it was behind me, chasing me down, maybe even gaining on me. But it didn’t matter, I … Continue reading

Martians vs Humans ‘The War of the Worlds’

What advantages did the Martians have over the humans and vice versa? I decided to write my essay on the whether or not the Martians had more of an advantage than the humans, in the book War of the Worlds … Continue reading

English, Return of the Dahl

I have been asked more than a few times what my inspiration for my short stories are, so I have come up with an example, this here is the root of my story called ‘Royal Jelly’ … Some years ago, … Continue reading

English, a New Story

In both Parson’s Pleasure and The Way up to Heaven, Roald Dahl creates characters that try to deceive or scam everybody else involved in the story.  In Parsons Pleasure in particular, the main character’s motives are mainly monetary, but he … Continue reading

The Landwilliam

The Landlady In The Landlady, Billy Weaver comes by a bed and breakfast where he meets a very peculiar landlady, who he believes, at first to be harmless. Although not stated, it is suggested that she has killed all two … Continue reading

Grades 5-6: Wrap-up on ‘theme’ and ‘symbol’ (due on Thursday, September 12th)

You have completed a few exercises on `theme` and ‘image’ (see posts below) and should now have a basic understanding of these concepts.  Here are a few reminders for you: Image a) An image is usually created by a single … Continue reading