Characterisation: analyse the significance and role of the characters in a short story (lesson plan)

Lesson plan (Hannah, grade 9) Read the text of The Table to the class: I woke up at 3 AM and walked outside to my table. The table spoke to me as it always does when it needs to be … Continue reading

Drift Away

My favorite song is ‘Drift Away’ by Veela. It’s about spray painting and it’s awesome because this song describes perfectly what it’s like. When you’re spray painting, the colours and the smell together make you almost-light headed. You really stop … Continue reading


Kate is the shrew in The Taming of the Shrew. Kate is the older daughter and she has to get married before her younger sister Bianca can. Kate doesn’t want to get married and is extremely spoilt and explosive. Katherina: … Continue reading

Taming of the Shrew (Act IV, Sc. III)

This scene takes place in Petruchio’s country house.  Katharina has been begging for food from Grumio, stating that she has never had to beg before.  Petruchio and Hortensio eat the food in front of Katharina.  Petruchio also sends the tailor … Continue reading


I woke up to a different view than normal. I was underground surrounded by torches and in the corner of the room there was a snail. It stared at me laughing a mocking laugh. I made my way to the … Continue reading