Restaurant Banter

“Ah! Bonjour, monsieur! Welcome to ze ‘Restaurant Baguette’, ze finest French restaurant in ze town of Haut-Rhin!” “Ya, vut do you serve? Vhere is das beer?” “Ze refreshment menu is right here, monsieur. We have ze fine selection of wines … Continue reading

The Lizard Cactus

  Behind the old Watkins building down town, a man named Billy Joe Johnson sat with his pet raccoon Frederic. Billy was homeless, he often slept in back alleys or under bridges, depending on the weather. As billy sat against … Continue reading

Tranquility and Silence

Tranquility and silence kept this man at peace during his slumber. This rugged, scraggly-haired man belched snores so loud they could reanimate a corpse. His torn flannel pyjamas did nothing to keep his 6’4” body warm. His woven fleece blanket … Continue reading

Reality and Fiction

Introduction Life is not easy, and we learn the values of of life in many ways.  In this essay I hope to demonstrate that, despite the obvious difference, there are many similarities between the poem Blackberrying and the film Over … Continue reading

You have to be cruel to be kind

Is this idiom true?  What does the expression even mean? Is this true for leadership? In a Google doc, discuss this point of view, by referring to the characters from Ender’s Game depicted in the picture.  Once you are done, … Continue reading

Martians vs Humans ‘The War of the Worlds’

What advantages did the Martians have over the humans and vice versa? I decided to write my essay on the whether or not the Martians had more of an advantage than the humans, in the book War of the Worlds … Continue reading