The Abyss

In this essay I’m going to be exploring the parallels between Poe’s life and his poetry. When we think of Edgar Allan Poe we think of a disturbing figure stalking through graveyards in the middle of the night for nefarious … Continue reading

American shut down

THE U.S. GOVERNMENT SHUTS DOWN Introduction: After months and weeks and a final day of brinkmanship,the American government has shut down for the first time in 17 years, leaving eight hundred thousand people without their jobs, and 1.3 million people to … Continue reading

English, Return of the Dahl

I have been asked more than a few times what my inspiration for my short stories are, so I have come up with an example, this here is the root of my story called ‘Royal Jelly’ … Some years ago, … Continue reading

English, a New Story

In both Parson’s Pleasure and The Way up to Heaven, Roald Dahl creates characters that try to deceive or scam everybody else involved in the story.  In Parsons Pleasure in particular, the main character’s motives are mainly monetary, but he … Continue reading

The Landwilliam

The Landlady In The Landlady, Billy Weaver comes by a bed and breakfast where he meets a very peculiar landlady, who he believes, at first to be harmless. Although not stated, it is suggested that she has killed all two … Continue reading

The way people spend their lives

There are many ways that people spend their lives. Spending your life is a very important part in peoples lives. People sometimes spend their lives by doing garbage things and some spend it doing useful things. Life goes by fast; … Continue reading


I woke up to a different view than normal. I was underground surrounded by torches and in the corner of the room there was a snail. It stared at me laughing a mocking laugh. I made my way to the … Continue reading