HAMILCAR:Billions (Part 1)

It was early dawn, the sky was red and the wind was still humid from last night’s storm. Housemaid Bernadette gleefully hummed as she headed towards her master’s quarters. She had cooked her signature dish, Lobster Bisque de Homard, Monsieur … Continue reading

Dr. Jekyll vs Dr. Hyde: The Comparison

At first glance, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde seem to be different adaptations of a common storyline: a character warped by evil and clouded by his own selfishness. While both … Continue reading

The Arrow Sheep

 A detective was heading into the woods. One hour of searching through the woods and the detective found something. The detective found a small First Nations village. The village had tepees, fires, a log hut, and some people. The people … Continue reading