Democracy is the polar opposite of Totalitarianism OR IS IT?

Do you think that Democracy is the total opposite of Totalitarianism? Some people think that it is totally a different topic but others think they are the same ideas. In my opinion democracy and totalitarianism are two different topics in … Continue reading

The Landwilliam

The Landlady In The Landlady, Billy Weaver comes by a bed and breakfast where he meets a very peculiar landlady, who he believes, at first to be harmless. Although not stated, it is suggested that she has killed all two … Continue reading

Setting: analysing the significance of ‘setting’ in a short story (lesson plan)

Lesson plan (Khylam, grade 9) Short Stories: Barney, Sea Devil, The Wish (Inside Stories I, Second Edition, Kirkland G. and Davies R., Harcourt Canada Ltd., Toronto, 1999) 1.I will set up the projector and open the needed documents on my … Continue reading