Nature Poem

Please Care What breaks at yonder? Is it the sun’s’ rays? Or the diamonds of the moon?   Nay, It is the smog that blocks thou throat, And the poison that makes thou gloat,   What makes you smile? What … Continue reading

Game Over … America shuts down

Amazing as it may seem, it actually happened today.   After months and weeks of haggling, and then a final, frantic day of brinksmanship on Capitol Hill, Congress last night failed to pass a bill to fund the U.S. government’s operations, … Continue reading

Illusion vs. Reality In ‘The Great Gatsby’ by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Through the hustle of everyday life, one undergoes life and the struggles that follow. As time passes by, habitual routines develop, and the mind is opened to understanding the difference between an illusion and reality. Yet, once a new conflict … Continue reading

Characterisation: analyse the significance and role of the characters in a short story

Lesson (Hannah, grade 9) Hannah wrote an original short story to “analyse the significance and role of the character(s)”.  Her own short story, “the table”, written in her own inimitable style provides a number of interesting perspectives (no pun intended!). … Continue reading

Looking Deeper into “Taming of the Shrew”

To fully understand the play “Taming of the Shrew” you must understand the characters. Each character has a different personality. Kate, for example, is bad tempered and does not like it when Petruccio tries to tame her. On the other … Continue reading

Kate’s Traits

For this project, I chose Katharina (Kate). The play is William Shakespeare’s “The Taming of the Shrew”. It is set partly in Padua and partly in Verona. Kate is the extraordinary main character of the play. Over the course of … Continue reading


Kate is the shrew in The Taming of the Shrew. Kate is the older daughter and she has to get married before her younger sister Bianca can. Kate doesn’t want to get married and is extremely spoilt and explosive. Katherina: … Continue reading

Taming of the Shrew (Act IV, Sc. V)

Pertruchio, Katharina, Hortensio and their servants are on the way back to Padua and restng along the way.  Pertruchio orders the company to continue with their journey. Katharina contradicts Pertruchio, and he responds with the opposite, saying whatever he says is … Continue reading

Taming of the Shrew (Act V, Sc. II)

In this well-known soliloquy, the now-tame Kate addresses the women at the wedding banquet:  “Wipe those frowns off your faces and stop rolling your eyes”, which are considered to be “disrespectful” towards their husbands.  This concludes the main plot of the play … Continue reading