Wake up, we’ve got work to do…

Rise and shine… Your body aches and the voices in your head keep telling you to go back to dreaming. You lose all physical motivation as your body becomes weak. It’s only when you realize that something else is pushing … Continue reading

Jeff’s hospitality at the “house” of the woods

It was a typical saturday morning for Jeff. He woke up and prepared his equipment for his monthly hike up the mountain. Jeff lived in the city all his life but always made a habit of enjoying and enriching himself … Continue reading

Democracy is the polar opposite of totalitarianism….Or is it?

Democracy is represented as the total freedom of any society. Democracy is a form of government in which people choose the leaders by voting. The term democracy translated from latin is literally “rule, by the people”. Democracy is generally thought … Continue reading

The Landlady Reflection and William and Mary reflection

The story Landlady is about a man; the main character named Billy Weaver. He travels to Bath, a city in the ceremonial county of Somerset in South West England. He meets an old woman, who forcefully serves him tea that … Continue reading

The way people spend their lives……

The way people spend their lives has always been a large subject throughout the history of mankind. People throughout society always tell each other the famous line “live your life to the fullest” but in reality how does one define … Continue reading