Nothing truly starts or ends spectacularly. No, things start small, irregularly growing larger and larger until it comes to its ultimate, the highest point in its metaphorical life. When something ‘ends well’, that isn’t it’s end. It isn’t quite something’s … Continue reading

El Comercio de frijol

Like in most stories, there is conflict, protagonist, antagonist and solution. This story starts in the now-renovated and prosperous town of Milagro. Surrounded by rolling fields which were covered in dehydrated beans, trees and any other type of plants are … Continue reading

Conflict Free Write

I ran through the woods, dodging every branch, tree and log that rose up out of the fog ahead of me. I knew it was behind me, chasing me down, maybe even gaining on me. But it didn’t matter, I … Continue reading

Escape the Colony

“Princess Bala! Princess Bala! It’s me, Z, from the bar, remember?” I call, but she doesn’t seem to hear. I jump and wave my hands in the air, trying to get her attention. She still doesn’t notice me. “Hey, you! … Continue reading