The Silk Road

As I was studying for a Social Studies Project, I stumbled upon this video: This video nicely highlights how the Silk Road has impacted our lives. Not just did the video mention the events during the Silk Road, but it … Continue reading

Is It Time For Cortana?

Are you tired of Siri’s limited knowledge? Do you need something more than reminders or emails read out for you? Then let me introduce you to Cortana. “She” is Window’s new virtual assistant. We all know of the Apple vs. … Continue reading

Why we Need Space Exploration

When the US government, spends 3.7 billion Dollars on space exploration, there are bound to be people who think that money could be better spent, and ones like me who believe that every penny is worth it. Why do I … Continue reading

Martians vs Humans ‘The War of the Worlds’

What advantages did the Martians have over the humans and vice versa? I decided to write my essay on the whether or not the Martians had more of an advantage than the humans, in the book War of the Worlds … Continue reading